Consultancy Services

SCMEA can provide a range of consultancy services to organisations, including:

  • Design and deliver training courses in areas related to Procurement, Logistics, Negotiation, Contract Management, Contract Law, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management
  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis to analyse the skill gaps within your organisation
  • Undertake investigation into achieving greater value for money in procurement category spend
  • Undertake investigation to refine processes in relation to procurement and contract management

Some of the consulting assignments SCMEA has undertaken include:

  •   Developing procurement and contract courses for a range of universities and   Government departments
  •   Writing of procurement and supply chain Study Guides
  •  Developing and updating standard documentation, policies and procedures for a major university
  •  Assisting government departments in developing an appropriate contract strategy      for a range of commodities
  •  Assisting a Government department in Queensland in developing a range of KPIs      for inclusion in contracts
  •   Undertaking a major procurement structure and process review for a large      Tasmanian utility
  •  Undertaking a Procurement Framework review for a health related organisation